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BS7870 ABC Cable



The aerial bundled cables designed for overhead distribution lines have all conductors made of aluminium 1350 and insulated with XLPE. Phase and neutral cores are laid up in a bundle with a left hand lay. Can be used for fixed installation as overhead power lines up to 1000 V incl.


Conductor (for either phase, neutral or street lighting)The conductors shall be of aluminium 1350 wires and are compacted circular stranded(RM).
InsulationXLPE. 1, 2 and 3 raised longitudinal ribs on the surface of the cores. The surface of the neutral core should have at least 12 ribs for cross-sections up to 50 mm^2 and a minimum of 16 ribs for cores above 50 mm^2. In the case of five core bundles the surface of the protective core should be smooth.
Assembly2 up to 4 cores of equal cross section are stranded together in left-hand lay, additionally 1 or 2 cores of reduced cross section can be co-stranded.

The ABC Cable Character:

Rated voltage 0.6/1KV
Cores1,2,3, 4, 3+1,4+1 etc.
Phase ConductorAluminium (AAC)
Neutral ConductorAAAC/ACSR
Standards:NFC 33-209/ BS 7870-5/ IEC 60502/AS/NZS or according to your requirement.
ApplicationOverhead power transmission.

ABC Cable -BS 7870-5 Standard
number of cores x nominal cross sectionmax. conductor- resistancemin. breaking load of conductor strandCurrent rating in the airOuter diameterTotal weight
1x 16 RM1,9102,5728074
1x 25 RM1,2004,010790106
1x 35 RM0,8685,5132105138
1x 50 RM0,6418,0165118182
1x 70 RM0,44310,7205130252
1x 95 RM0,32013,7240154333
1x 120 RM0,25318,6290170408
1x 150 RM0,20623,2334190502
1x 185 RM0,16428,7389210611
1x 240 RM0,12537,2467240801
2x 16 RM1,9102,572156147
2x 25 RM1,2004,0107180208
2x 35 RM0,8685,5132200277
2x 50 RM0,6418,0165235361
2x 70 RM0,44310,7205254505
2x 95 RM0,32013,7240303666
2x 150 RM0,20623,23343801004
4x 16 RM1,9102,572188286
4x 25 RM1,2004,0107212430
4x 35 RM0,8685,5132241553
4x 50 RM0,6418,0165278746
4x 70 RM0,44310,72053181009
4x 95 RM0,32013,72403781332
4x 120 RM0,25318,62905441632
4x 50 + 1x 25 RM0,641/1,2008,0/4,0165/107319814
4x 50 + 1x 35 RM0,641/0,8688,5/5,5165/132319845
4x 70 + 1x 25 RM0,443/1,20010,7/4,0205/1073601105
4x 70 + 2x 25 RM0,443/1,20010,7/4,0205/1074001217
4x 95 + 1x 25 RM0,320/1,20013,7/4,0240/1074181438
4x 95 + 2x 25 RM0,320/1,20013,7/4,0240/1074201544
4x120 + 1x 25 RM0,253/1,20018,6/4,0290/1075902050
Item #Phase Conductor Size/AWGPhase Conductor StrandingPhaseBareBareBareWeightWeightAmpacityAmpacity





Whelk4Solid45 mls46/11860 Lbs169 Lbs165 Lbs115 Amps90 Amps
Periwinkle47/w45 mls46/11860 Lbs176 Lbs172 Lbs115 Amps90 Amps
Cockle27/w45 mls46/11860 Lbs233 Lbs227 Lbs150 Amps120 Amps
Conch27/w45 mls26/12850 Lbs267 Lbs261 Lbs150 Amps120 Amps
Janthina1/07/w60 mls26/12850 Lbs376 Lbs365 Lbs205 Amps160 Amps
Ranella1/019/w60 mls26/12850 Lbs372 Lbs362 Lbs205 Amps160 Amps
Neritina1/07/w60 mls1/06/14380 Lbs530 Lbs419 Lbs205 Amps160 Amps
Cenia1/019/w60 mls1/06/14380 Lbs426 Lbs416 Lbs205 Amps160 Amps
Cavolinia2/07/w60 mls16/13550 Lbs462 Lbs451 Lbs235 Amps185 Amps
Clio2/019/w60 mls16/13550 Lbs458 Lbs446 Lbs235 Amps185 Amps
Runcina2/07/w60 mls2/06/15310 Lbs530 Lbs519 Lbs235 Amps185 Amps
Triton2/019/w60 mls2/06/15310 Lbs526 Lbs514 Lbs235 Amps185 Amps
Sanddollar3/07/w60 mls1/06/14380 Lbs570 Lbs557 Lbs275 Amps215 Amps
Aega3/019/w60 mls1/06/14380 Lbs565 Lbs552 Lbs275 Amps215 Amps
Cherrystone3/07/w60 mls3/06/16620 Lbs656 Lbs643 Lbs250 Amps200 Amps
Mursia3/019/w60 mls3/06/16620 Lbs650 Lbs638 Lbs250 Amps200 Amps
Cuttlefish4/07/w60 mls2/06/15310 Lbs706 Lbs691 Lbs315 Amps245 Amps
Cerapus4/019/w60 mls2/06/15310 Lbs699 Lbs684 Lbs315 Amps245 Amps
Razor4/07/w60 mls4/06/18350 Lbs814 Lbs799 Lbs315 Amps245 Amps
Zuzara4/019/w60 mls4/06/18350 Lbs805 Lbs792 Lbs315 Amps245 Amps
Cowry336.419/w80 mls4/06/18350 Lbs1135 Lbs1093 Lbs420 Amps325 Amps
Limpet336.419/w80 mls336.418/18680 Lbs1209 Lbs1167 Lbs420 Amps325 Amps

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