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N2XY,N2XY-J,N2XY-O,0.6/1Kv Copper XLPE Insulation PVC Sheath Power Cable, Flame Retardant

Kabel N2XY Application:
XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed power and auxiliary control cables for the supply of electrical energy. Special for installations in the open air, in underground and water, indoors, in cable ducts.

Conductors: annealed copper solid class 1(RE), circular or circular compacted stranded conductor class 2 (RM), stranded sector – shaped conductor class 2 (SM) acc. to EN 60228
Insulation: special XLPE compound type DIX3 acc.
Inner covering: filling compound
Sheath: flame retardant special PVC compound
Standard length cable packing: 1000m on drums. Other forms of packing and delivery are available on request.

Technical Characteristics:
- Working voltage: 600/1000 volts
- Test voltage: 4000 volts
- Minimum bending radius: 15 x Ø
- Flexing temperature: -5º C to +70º C
- Fixed installation temperature: - 30º C to +70º C
- Short circuit temperature: +250º C
- Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1
- Insulation resistance: >20 MΩ x km.

Technical Parameter of N2XY Cable :

Dimensions – number of cores x conductor cross-sectionConstructionConstruction of individual conductorExternal diameterInsulation thicknessSheath thicknessConductor resistance at 20 °CShort circuit current 1sCu weightCable weightPacking*

N x mm²
n x mmmmmmmmΩ/kmkAkg/kmkg/km
Power cable N2XY-JN2XY-O
1 x 4RE1 x 2,2580,71,84,610,4638,472CUT
1 x 6RE1 x 2,768,50,71,83,080,6957,692CUT
1 x 10RE1 x 3,569,50,71,81,831,1596142CUT
1 x 16RE1 x 4,5111,70,71,81,151,84153,6205CUT
1 x 25RM7 x 2,13130,91,80,7272,87240303CUT
1 x 35RM7 x 2,52140,91,80,5244,02336394CUT
1 x 50RM19 x 1,831611,80,3875,75480516CUT
1 x 70RM19 x 2,17171,11,80,2688,05672721CUT
1 x 95RM19 x 2,52191,11,80,19310,9912992CUT
1 x 120RM37 x 2,03211,21,80,15313,811521196CUT
1 x 150RM37 x 2,2723,31,41,80,12417,214401509CUT
1 x 185RM37 x 2,5225,31,61,80,099121,317761850CUT
1 x 240RM61 x 2,2428,31,71,80,075427,623042394CUT
1 x 300RM61 x 2,5030,31,81,90,060134,528802964CUT
1 x 400RM61 x 2,8934,7220,04741,238403838CUT
1 x 500RM61 x 3,23382,22,10,036651,548004863CUT
1 x 630RM91 x 2,97432,42,20,02836460486285CUT

2 x 1,5RE1 x 1,389,50,71,812,10,17328,8126CUT
2 x 2,5RE1 x 1,7810,60,71,87,410,28848157CUT
2 x 4RE1 x 2,2511,50,71,84,610,4676,8200CUT
2 x 6RE1 x 2,7612,50,71,83,080,69115,2253CUT
2 x 10RE1 x 3,5614,10,71,81,831,15192395CUT
2 x 16RE1 x 4,5115,90,71,81,151,84307,2558CUT
2 x 25RM7 x 2,1320,30,91,80,7272,87480811CUT
2 x 35RM7 x 2,5222,20,91,80,5244,026721038CUT
2 x 50RM

3 x 1,5RE1 x 1,3812,50,71,812,10,17343,2147CUT
3 x 2,5RE1 x 1,78130,71,87,410,28872187CUT
3 x 4RE1 x 2,25150,71,84,610,46115,2243CUT
3 x 6RE1 x 2,76160,71,83,080,69172,8315CUT
3 x 10RE1 x 3,56180,71,81,831,15288495CUT
3 x 16RE1 x 4,51200,71,81,151,84460,8712CUT
3 x 25RM7 x 2,13250,91,80,7272,877201038CUT
3 x 35SM7 x 2,52230,91,80,5244,0210081342CUT
3 x 50SM19 x 1,8326,311,80,3875,7514401749CUT
3 x 70SM19 x 2,1730,71,120,2688,0520162451CUT
3 x 95SM19 x 2,5234,31,12,10,19310,927363368CUT
3 x 120SM37 x 2,03381,22,20,15313,834564061CUT
3 x 150SM37 x 2,27421,42,30,12417,243205167CUT
3 x 185SM37 x 2,52481,62,50,099121,353286363CUT
3 x 240SM61 x 2,24521,72,70,075427,669128211CUT

3 x 25+16RM/RE7 x 2,13260,91,80,7272,87873,61214CUT
3 x 35+16SM/RE7 x 2,5226,30,91,80,5244,021161,61507CUT
3 x 50+25SM/RM19 x 1,8330,311,90,3875,7516802006CUT
3 x 70+35SM/SM19 x 2,1733,31,120,2688,0523522834CUT
3 x 95+50SM/SM19 x 2,5239,31,12,20,19310,932163867CUT
3 x 120+70SM/SM37 x 2,0342,71,22,30,15313,841284740CUT
3 x 150+70SM/SM37 x 2,2746,71,42,40,12417,249925766CUT
3 x 185+95SM/SM37 x 2,5251,71,62,60,099121,362407258CUT
3 x 240+120SM/SM61 x 2,2458,71,72,80,075427,680649271CUT
3 x 300+150SM/SM61 x 2,50661,82,90,060134,51008011471CUT

4 x 1,5RE1 x 1,3813,30,71,812,10,17357,6173CUT
4 x 2,5RE1 x 1,7814,30,71,87,410,28896224CUT
4 x 4RE1 x 2,2516,30,71,84,610,46153,6292CUT
4 x 6RE1 x 2,7617,30,71,83,080,69230,4382CUT
4 x 10RE1 x 3,5619,30,71,81,831,15384612CUT
4 x 16RE1 x 4,5122,30,71,81,151,84614,4889CUT
4 x 25RM7 x 2,1327,30,91,80,7272,879601328CUT
4 x 35SM7 x 2,5229,30,91,80,5244,0213441723CUT
4 x 50SM19 x 1,8331,311,90,3875,7519202267CUT
4 x 70SM19 x 2,1735,31,12,10,2688,0526883204CUT
4 x 95SM19 x 2,5240,31,12,20,19310,936484380CUT
4 x 120SM37 x 2,0343,71,22,40,15313,846085306CUT
4 x 150SM37 x 2,2748,71,42,50,12417,257606657CUT
4 x 185SM37 x 2,5253,71,62,70,099121,371048281CUT
4 x 240SM61 x 2,24631,72,90,075427,6921610677CUT

5 x 1,5RE1 x 1,38140,71,812,10,17372205CUT
5 x 2,5RE1 x 1,78150,71,87,410,288120267CUT
5 x 4RE1 x 2,25170,71,84,610,46192358CUT
5 x 6RE1 x 2,76190,71,83,080,69288471CUT
5 x 10RE1 x 3,56210,71,81,831,15480745CUT
5 x 16RE1 x 4,51230,71,81,151,847681066CUT
5 x 25RM7 x 2,13290,91,80,7272,8712001592CUT
5 x 35RM7 x 2,52380,91,80,5244,0216802072CUT
5 x 50RM19 x 1,834311,80,3875,7524002752CUT
Signalnini N2XY-J, N2XY-O
7 x 1,5RE1 x 1,38130,71,812,10,173100,8
12 x 1,5RE1 x 1,38200,71,812,10,173172,8

7 x 2,5RE1 x 1,78180,71,87,410,288168
12 x 2,5RE1 x 1,78230,71,87,410,288288
24 x 2,5RE1 x 1,78310,71,87,410,288576

*) Packing: CUT = cable in different lengths on drum or reel, possible cutting at required length.

0.6/1Kv Copper XLPE Insulation PVC Sheath Power and Control Cable, Flame Retardant,N2XY,N2XY-J,N2XY-O specifications(data sheet,table,full form)

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