0.6/1kv/11kv/15kv/33kv overhead electrical bundle cable


overhead electrical bundle cable manufacturer in China

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Professional abc cable manufacturer from China, Meet your kinds of requirement of abc cables. With over 26 years production experience and 10 years export experience, factory price without any third party, On-time delivry.

Can be customized Standard: ASTM B232, BS215, DIN48204, JISC3109, AS, IEC, NFC, SS

Qingzhou Cable: Professional ABC cable manufacturers from China. Meet your kinds of requirement of ABC wire and cable. With over 26 years aerial cable production experience and 10 years aluminum ABC cable export experience, aerial cable factory price without any third party. Email: info@qingzhou-cable.com

Our Advantage: Qingzhou cable is a one of the best professional ABC cable suppliers in China, mainly production and ABC wire sales. It located in Henan, it has rich aluminum resources in the world, high quality and competitive price. Email: info@qingzhou-cable.com

Custom Service: Qingzhou Cable can customize all ABC aerial cable size, you just need leave us your requirements. And we will reply you within 12 hours. Email: info@qingzhou-cable.com

Please kindly send us your inquiry aerial bunched cable list and order quantity, our sales manager will reply you as soon as possible. Email:info@qingzhou-cable.com

LV ABC Cable

0.6/1 kV ABC –Qudruplex/Triplex/Duplex Service Drop Cable- ICEA S-476 (AL/XLPE)
0.6/1 KV ABC –Aerial Bundled Cables – NFC 33-209 (AL/XLPE)
0.6/1 KV ABC –Aerial Bundled Cables- BS 7870-5 (AL/XLPE)
0.6/1 KV ABC-Aerial Bundled Cable- ES/LVC- IEC 60502-(AL/XLPE)
0.6/1 KV ABC-Aerial Bundle Cable- IEC 60502 & TNB-(AL/PE)
0.6/1 KV-ABC -Aerial Bundle Cable- HD 626 S1 (AL/XLPE)
0.6/1 KV ABC (Aerial Bundle) Cable- AS/NZS 3560.1 (AL/XLPE)

MV ABC Cable

6.35/11 kv aerial bunched ABC cable


11kv/15kv/33kv Aerial Bunched Cable

11kv aerial bundled cable
15kv aerial bundled cable
33kv aerial bundled cable

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